For me, this is the *real* new year. Yes, I am a heathen who is governed by the moon. (Interestingly, my favourite Chinese festival is actually Mid-Autumn festival, and moon cakes are possibly the best edible treats in the world). I’ve always loved the stories that come with each festival, and spring festival (otherwise known […]

I went to a primary school named after a Scottish clan, MacGregor State Primary School, and this tradition was perpetuated by the theme of red tartan that ran through all our uniforms and official documentation. Our performing arts uniform came complete with long white socks pulled up to our knees, and garters that fluttered whenever […]

At some point in their lives, everyone has come across the quip that arts students will complete their studies only to become cashiers at McDonald’s. Usually I just get a little annoyed before moving on, but sometimes it genuinely hits a nerve.¬†It’s a multi-layered insult – there’s the insinuation that one of my degrees is […]

*This post is at risk of being edited when more of my brain is awake and fully functioning. It is six hours into the sixth day of the year, and I really should still be asleep. But the sun is up, which usually means I am as well – and if I’m being perfectly honest […]

I am a giant fan of Doctor Who. It’s taught me some great life lessons, allowed me to meet some wonderful people, and given me the inspiration to keep writing. Anyone who has talked to me about Doctor Who knows that I do not particularly like Steven¬†Moffat. He has written some brilliant episodes, but I […]

The lovely Tiny Owl Workshop is collating a number of Letters to Peace to sell, with the proceeds going to charity. Link to come when it’s complete and published. Here’s a beautifully written synopsis if you want to join in. The world – your life – can turn on a dime. Whenever I hear this […]

If you’ve tuned into the news lately in Brisbane (and honestly, probably in Queensland), you would have seen that police are currently investigating the death of a little girl, Tiahleigh Palmer. It was first listed as a suspicious death near the Pimpama River, and late last night it was revealed that Tiahleigh, who had last […]

For those of you who don’t know me, I have had quite a fraught relationship with my parents (especially my mother – I think she’s a bit terrified of how similar we actually are). It’s on the mend now, and even though there are plenty of things on which we still disagree, I’m more inclined […]