*Before I start – I know that there are a whole heap of other things that have happened in the past couple of weeks that probably warrant more of my time, but I’m also trying to teach myself that self-care is important too, no matter what else is going on. I’m not going to lie. […]

When you love someone, you give them a piece of you that can’t be taken back. In the same vein, you keep a piece of them that you can’t really give away. There are many reasons why the first half of this year was painful, but there are just as many reasons why what happened […]

It’s been a while, old friend. I want to say I don’t know how long it’s been, but I do know. It’s been about eight months. Give or take. I’ve known you for a long time, but I still don’t know if you’re my friend or my enemy. Maybe you’re neither – or maybe you’re […]

Don’t worry, there’ll be a lengthy rambly reflective post about this year soon, but seeing as though everyone and their dog is doing a ‘best *something* of 2015’ list, or something to that effect, I thought I’d kick off the summary season by doing one of my own. Best of 2015 Books read: Written on […]

There’s been a flurry of discussion around introversion/extroversion of late, and some of this can, in part, be attributed to Susan Cain’s TED talk about the power of introverts. The definition of introversion has moved away from being, loosely, “people who like to be alone”, to one that focuses more on how fast social situations […]

There are many things of which I am scared, and at the top of the list is a broad category labelled “everything I haven’t done before”. This includes stupid things, like applying to take annual leave, and more serious ones, like trying to figure out if/how a long term relationship will work. The next couple […]

I was actually going to write and post this yesterday, but I severely overestimated my ability to be functioning after coming home from a lot of very nice Argentinian food and seeing the Basel Chamber Orchestra, so here we are. Yesterday was White Ribbon Day, a day that brings violence against women to the fore […]

I leaned against the back of my chair, knees curled up to my chest, a drape of black chiffon protecting it from the harsh edge of the desk. My eyes threatened to close, and I considered taking a brief nap and berated myself for not getting enough sleep all at the same time. The dull […]