For me, this is the *real* new year. Yes, I am a heathen who is governed by the moon. (Interestingly, my favourite Chinese festival is actually Mid-Autumn festival, and moon cakes are possibly the best edible treats in the world). I’ve always loved the stories that come with each festival, and spring festival (otherwise known […]

I write this while keeping an eye on my cat, because I think she’s scared by all the popping noises that are happening outside. Or maybe she’s just annoyed that I told her to get off the keyboard so I could log in and play computer games. In any case, I’m spending tonight in relative […]

Christmas has always been a little special to me, and quite honestly, I think a lot of that has to do with the carolling and the complexity of traditional songs (which have now been almost butchered to death by capitalism *shakes fist wildly*). It’s also one of the rare times where I can feel completely […]