List of Works


2017: Noted Festival Artist
2017: Panellist, ‘Multiculturalism In a Changing World’ – UN Youth Queensland State Conference

Non Fiction

What Does it Actually Mean to ‘Put Australians First’? – Catalogue Magazine
We’re Coming to Swamp You All – The Quo
Catalogue of Curiosities – Noted Festival
So You Studied Arts. Now What? – The Cusp
Shut Them Down: Australia’s Abusive Offshore Detention Estategal-dem
Reclaiming My Independence – Feminartsy
Dear Television: Let’s Stop Wondering if Australia is RacistCatalogue Magazine
Body of work
The Tempest
What Happens When Your Parents Don’t Take Your Depression Seriously– Catalogue Magazine
Why Arts Funding is More Important Than Ever – Catalogue Magazine
Australia, I’m Tired of Your Casual RacismCatalogue Magazine
In Pieces –
Thistle Magazine
The Upside of Illness: Behind the Chinese Patriarch
No, Cultural Appropriation is Not a ‘Passing Fad’ or ‘Political Correctness Gone Mad’ – 
Catalogue Magazine (Republishing of Dangerous Ideas)
Dangerous Ideas (Republished) – The Berlin Review of Books
On Summer Fashion and Feminism – 
Eleanor: A Zine
Dropping Stitches 
The Regal Fox
Learning to Reject Tradition
Dear Damsels
Changing Childhoods 
Dear Damsels
O is for Online Dating 
F is for Feminism
Behind the Bamboo Screen 
Brain Mill Press
Innovation vs. Jobs and Growth 
Semper Floreat
Questions of Home, Questions of Taste 
Rambutan Literary
Kick it to the Kerb 
Semper Floreat
The Trouble with Davids – Semper Floreat
An Open Letter – Semper Floreat


‘How Australian is Australian Enough?’: A Review of Roanna Gonsalves’ The Permanent ResidentThe Lifted Brow
Single Asian Female: No Topic is Taboo in Michelle Law’s Impressive Debut – The Guardian


Storm Djed Press
Firecracker –
Halo Lit Magazine
Rambutan Literary
Stripped Lit
Smile –
Scrittura Magazine
Summer – 
Effervescent Magazine
Tremblings – 
Climbing, Reaching- 
The Regal Fox
Extinguishing –


Best Feminist BooksWriters Bloc
Interview with Marisa Wikramanayake (Diversity Roundup, Jan-Feb 2017) – Australian Women Writers
Q&A: Yen-Rong Wong of Pencilled In (& HCwBB!) – Hot Chicks with Big Brains
Pencilled In – UQ Blog


New Marvels, New Lenses: A Podcast about DOCTOR STRANGE (2016)Podcast with Rachel Merrick, Amelia DiTommaso, hosted by Matthew Finch