It’s that time of the year when I realise how much study (and work) I have to do, and that I may have overcommitted myself in terms of volunteering, as well as going to concerts and talks. I’ve read a lot of books on India and Rushdie (and it’s barely been a month since I […]

As a species, we seem to love proclaiming international days for particular things, or events – whether it is for pancakes, peace, friendship, or to combat desertification and drought. Most of these pass us by without a second thought (unless you really, really like pancakes), but there are some that I think deserve more recognition […]

I’ve been writing for pretty much my whole life, and there have been plenty of ups and downs along the way. I’ve written a thousand words a day for two months, I’ve pressured myself to write fiction even when I knew my heart wasn’t in it, I’ve had writer’s block for about a year, I’ve […]

At some point in their lives, everyone has come across the quip that arts students will complete their studies only to become cashiers at McDonald’s. Usually I just get a little annoyed before moving on, but sometimes it genuinely hits a nerve.¬†It’s a multi-layered insult – there’s the insinuation that one of my degrees is […]

When you love someone, you give them a piece of you that can’t be taken back. In the same vein, you keep a piece of them that you can’t really give away. There are many reasons why the first half of this year was painful, but there are just as many reasons why what happened […]

Don’t worry, there’ll be a lengthy rambly reflective post about this year soon, but seeing as though everyone and their dog is doing a ‘best *something* of 2015’ list, or something to that effect, I thought I’d kick off the summary season by doing one of my own. Best of 2015 Books read: Written on […]

I leaned against the back of my chair, knees curled up to my chest, a drape of black chiffon protecting it from the harsh edge of the desk. My eyes threatened to close, and I considered taking a brief nap and berated myself for not getting enough sleep all at the same time. The dull […]

I am a giant fan of Doctor Who. It’s taught me some great life lessons, allowed me to meet some wonderful people, and given me the inspiration to keep writing. Anyone who has talked to me about Doctor Who knows that I do not particularly like Steven¬†Moffat. He has written some brilliant episodes, but I […]