Don’t worry, there’ll be a lengthy rambly reflective post about this year soon, but seeing as though everyone and their dog is doing a ‘best *something* of 2015’ list, or something to that effect, I thought I’d kick off the summary season by doing one of my own.

Best of 2015

Books read: Written on the Body – Jeanette Winterson, The Fishermen – Chigozie Obioma, Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights – Salman Rushdie

Songs/Pieces: Kol Nidre – Max Bruch, Brave – Sara Bareilles, Odds Are – The Barenaked Ladies, For Good – Wicked

Events Attended: Wicked (QPAC), Sol Gabetta & the Basel Chamber Orchestra (QPAC), all of BWF, Horrorshow (The Triffid)

Achievements: Graduating(!), getting 90% on the mini-thesis I slaved over, starting over

TV Shows watched: Master of None, Fresh Off the Boat, Orange is the New Black, Survivor: Cambodia (Second Chance), Mock the Week

Games played: Far Cry 4, Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

People I’ve met: the (original) Crime Stoppers crew, all the BWF girls, my Indro Mimettes

Food eaten: Copious amounts of tofu in Singapore, red velvet cupcakes baked with Irene, everything at Nobu in Melbourne, Adrianno Zumbo desserts

Makeup discoveries: anything made by Eve Lom and NARS (especially audacious lipsticks), Hourglass

Exciting science events: basically anything to do with CRISPR, a Chinese woman winning the Nobel prize for Medicine, New Horizons taking photos of Pluto

Moments of despair: any time Donald Trump or Tones opened their mouths/issued a press release

New ‘Experiences’

  • First proper break up
  • Made myself go to see a counsellor
  • Willingly took medication for my ailments
  • Made friends with next door’s cat
  • Did the casual dating thing for a while
  • Went out and nabbed two new jobs
  • Started buying books and actually reading them
  • Getting massive writer’s block, and then somehow getting over it

I’ve Learned…

  • That I am strong enough to live life on my own, and on my own terms
  • To take the leap and to do new things, no matter how scary they may be
  • To believe in myself (I’m getting there), to trust in the talents I have
  • That I’m on my way to being a proper adult
  • It’s okay to want to go about my life a little differently
  • How to do my makeup properly and extremely efficiently
  • To sit back a bit and appreciate the magic that is all around me in the world
  • How much buying books actually costs!
  • How to play protoss properly in Starcraft
  • That as long as I’m writing, or involved in the world of literature somehow, I’ll be a happy lass
  • The wonders of shellac nail polish

There’ll probably be more – watch out for updates! Or not, that’s fine too.

In very, very brief summary, I’ve probably learned more (about myself and at uni) in this year than in the past decade or so. There have been some downright awful months, but I think everything that happened this year needed to happen. And now I’m here, reading voraciously, and writing almost every day, so I think I’ve turned out all right.

Keep an eye out for the long winded version – coming soon!

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