I finished and submitted a piece this week about the way in which women’s intelligence is seen by men (especially in the realm of dating). The piece was born out of frustration, but I guess life decided to play a joke on me, very kindly allowing me to experience some more examples of what I’d just written about. So here, without further ado, is the first post (probably in a series of many) of “silly/obnoxious things boys have said to me”.


  • What’s African writing?
  • How’d you get into that (African writing)?
  • Is it (African writing) hard to read?
  • Well I mean like obviously not for you, but for a normal person?
  • Just trying to be friendly and talk to a girl who seems actually interesting
  • I try and read pretty widely, but am definitely lacking in the international literature department
  • By gothic do you  mean like all that bleak house kinda stuff? Or is that a proper literature term I don’t know?
  • Wow I guess you are pretty smart
  • About writing: Submit publications – like be a writer? Oh nice! Could I find any of your books if I googled them? Oh you mean its like a hobby?
  • Hey you seem so smart! (Attempted pickup line)
  • (Me: Let’s say I like my body to tell me I’m not pregnant) Him: Shit are you pregnant?

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