This segment is back! I’m both amused and really kind of disappointed? At least I’m not looking for a relationship at the moment, because I feel like I’d be seriously demoralised.

So here we go again:

  • Is Malaysia in China? It has “Asia” in the name!?
  • Are players from the UK the only people allowed to play in Wimbledon?
  • (Me: Attempting to explain a joke regarding the Chilcot Report) But wasn’t the Iraq war ages ago? (I think I legitimately facepalmed)
  • I’m not trying to be insulting.
  • *Just straight up asking for nudes
  • *Sending a dick pic even though I’ve expressly said that I don’t need/want them
  • *Continuing to talk to/hound me after already saying that he doesn’t want to come over

Until next time!

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