Christmas has always been a little special to me, and quite honestly, I think a lot of that has to do with the carolling and the complexity of traditional songs (which have now been almost butchered to death by capitalism *shakes fist wildly*). It’s also one of the rare times where I can feel completely at peace for a little while, before I’m thrown back into the rumble and tumble of work and studying.

I believe there’s a twinkle of magic in Christmas, and that exists in all the different ways you can celebrate this season. I know that it is the most horrible time of the year for some people, and quite honestly, having to go home tonight is already giving me little butterflies of anxiety. But despite the cranky shoppers and the congestion in the car parks, there’s still a little something that makes me smile around this time of the year.

I think part of my love for Christmas also comes from the fact that giving people presents is one of my favourite things ever. I usually don’t get many presents myself, but seeing other people’s faces light up when they unwrap a gift (especially children) gives me so much joy. And this year I also have a kitty to celebrate it with!

Anyway. This has gone off the rails a little, as always – so I think I will just leave it at wishing everyone a very merry Christmas. Be very kind and patient tomorrow if you are going Boxing Day shopping!

I hope you all hug those you love a bit tighter, and that you also find a glimmer of magic in the day.

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