I‘ve been writing for pretty much my whole life, and there have been plenty of ups and downs along the way. I’ve written a thousand words a day for two months, I’ve pressured myself to write fiction even when I knew my heart wasn’t in it, I’ve had writer’s block for about a year, I’ve been intimidated by the fact that there are so many other young writers out there that have already produced work that I consider to be much better than mine.

I’ve always loved writing in most forms (I can’t write poetry to save my life). I’m that person that gets strangely excited about writing assignments – the longer the better. Putting words on paper – I usually prefer to physically write than type – gives me a special kind of joy, peace, and at times, frustration, that I can’t really get from doing anything else.

There was a while where I focused on getting published. I submitted to a number of fantastic literary magazines without success, started a few novels that I haven’t yet finished, and pushed myself to think of new and ‘unique’ ideas. Come to think of it, I probably took it a little too far, and it resulted in a well-needed break.

I came back to writing, and at the same time, my future career, with a fresh outlook. As long as I was writing, I told myself, I’d be all right, because I’d be doing something I love. (I guess it also helps that I’m not completely horrible at it, either). I don’t necessarily need to write the next best seller to be content my life – I just need to be writing, and writing about something on which I am passionate.

I have many writer friends, and I’m glad my experiences at BWF last year have translated into a wonderful network of like minded people throughout Australia – encouraging me to keep going, to keep writing.

This world can be dangerous – it is really too true that your worst enemy can turn out to be that little voice in your head. There are so many other voices out there, and there will always be those that are louder, and more boisterous than yours. But remember, your voice is unique, and deserves to be heard. The only way to really learn and improve is to keep calm and continue writing. You’ll find an audience, I promise. And you’ll just keep getting better and better.

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