After playing in Melbourne to rave reviews, Emily Vascotto finally brings Screw Loose to Brisbane. Featuring a combination of covers, original songs, and pieces from little-known musicals, Vascotto tells a story of love, woe, and every other emotion in between. Love can be hard for the laywoman, let alone one who loves to excess. From holding hands in kindergarten to making out in the fridge at work, Vascotto maps out the trials and tribulations of falling in and out of love – including the happiness and jealousy that come with it.

And sometimes, she might just take it a little too far. Some may even say that she’s… a stalker?

Vascotto’s ability to switch from sweet and cute to creepy and just a little bit scary at the drop of a hat (or a swish of a skirt) heightens the comedic elements of the show. She pokes fun not only at herself, but also at the pressures women often feel to be “sexy”. (We’ve all had that experience of trying to be sexy and failing spectacularly, even if we don’t want to admit it to ourselves). But it is her superb vocal range that makes the whole show shine, alongside some well timed “dance moves”. She raps, too, and her storytelling makes the hour simply fly by. And if you like to get up close and personal with your performers, there’s some audience participation thrown in for good measure – don’t worry, all you have to do is sit there, she’ll do all the work!

But it is ultimately love that lies at the centre of Vascotto’s show – even though this love may be ugly, and may push some to do almost unspeakable things. Because there is a hopeless romantic in all of us, that little part of us that is secretly waiting for “the one” to pick us up and sweep us off our feet. After all, Disney wouldn’t lie to us about love. Right?


Vascotto may have a couple of screws loose when it comes to love, but let’s face it, who doesn’t? Maybe just rein yourself in before you get to restraining order territory. Directed by Gabriella Flowers, and accompanied by Ben Murray, Screw Loose provides a musical insight into what it might be like to simply love too hard and too fast (and possibly not learn from your mistakes). If you’ve got a couple of dollars, an hour, and a belly full of laughs to share, Screw Loose is on for one more night as part of the Queensland Cabaret Festival – get your tickets here!

(You’d better do it, she might stalk you, otherwise).

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