What is the proper name for a sausage in bread when bought before or after voting at an election?

How many packets of Tim Tams should you pack if you’re visiting friends overseas?

Explain the difference between it’s and its.

List your favourite Australian foods and explain why.

Is China friend or food?

Which is more important: saving the Great Barrier Reef, or advocating for coal companies?

Would you rather spend money on tax breaks for the rich or on combating domestic violence?

Is it okay to be racist towards people who don’t look like you?

It is okay to call out white people on their bullshit?

Is there an national Australian language? If so, what is it?

Do you support marriage equality?

Do you support multiculturalism?

Do you support the torture and imprisonment of refugees?

Do you support the single handed genocide of the Indigenous people perpetrated by the government?

Why the fuck do you want to be Australian?

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