As most of you know, I’ve been pretty busy lately – mainly with the thesis – but I’ve also been submitting to a decent amount of literary magazines/websites. It’s been great to write to and for a range of prompts, in both fiction and non fiction. To that effect, I have a number of pieces coming out in August. Here’s a list with approximate dates and a bit of detail about each piece. This is honestly for my benefit, so I can keep all of this information in one space, but please do check out all the lovely work these websites have previously posted and show your love for the wide literary community.

Stripped Lit – Flash Fiction, Issue 2. Theme: Power. My piece: More
Effervescent Mag – Flash Fiction, Issue 2. Theme: Tempestous. My piece: Summer
Eleanor: A Zine – Non Fiction. Prompt: Summer Fashion & Feminism. (I’m really bad at titles so I’ve let them decide on a title)
Dear Damsels – Non Fiction. Prompt/Letter: Generation. My piece: Changing Childhoods
F is for Feminism – Non Fiction. Prompt: Dating in Australia. My piece: O is for Online Dating
Halcyon – Flash Fiction. Issue 4. Theme: The Unknown. My piece: Tremblings

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