a curated selection of published work

Essays: On Growing Up

Forever Young – Archer Magazine, issue #14: the GROWING UP issue
The Trauma of Discipline: What constitutes a reasonable chastisement? – Griffith Review 65: Crimes and Punishments
I was bullied because I was a soft target, not because I was “unlikeable” SBS Voices
How I felt watching Summer Heights High as a teen SBS Life
Let’s talk about sex – what I wish I knew as an Asian-Australian teen – SBS Life
How nerd camp saved my life – SBS Life
Shouldering Shame Kill Your Darlings
O is for Online Dating – F is for Feminism
Hazy Dreams – Eyebag Magazine, issue 2

Changing Childhoods – Dear Damsels
Reclaiming My Independence – Feminartsy

Essays: On Race

Anti-Chinese racism isn’t a thing of the past – SBS Voices
Yellow Fever – Meanjin
Australia, please don’t use coronavirus as an excuse to be racist – Whimn
The Very Model of an Model Ethnic Minority Meanjin, Summer 2018
AOC speech not racist, just code switching Eureka Street
Never again locked out by whiteness – Eureka Street
Dangerous Ideas (Republished) – The Berlin Review of Books

The fight for our stories is far from over SBS Life
Monkey Business Overland
Work – Where are you really from? zine
What Does it Actually Mean to ‘Put Australians First’? – Catalogue Magazine
Women of Colour are Superheroes Too – Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Newsletter
Sexual Racism: Why Do You Swipe Right? – The Quo

Essays: On Parents

The Upside of Illness: Behind the Chinese Patriarch Homer
Sending nudes is different when you have Chinese parents – SBS Voices
I hid my teen battle with depression from my parents – SBS Life
How to coax stories out of your quiet parents SBS Life
Livin’ on a Prayer – Tincture Journal, Issue 20
Family Illnesses – mous magazine, Issue 3

Essays: On Culture

Crime, Friendship, and Family: ‘The Bad Kids’ – SBS
Junk mailSydney Review of Books
Fangirls: how a new musical celebrating teenage girls became a Brisbane festival hit The Guardian
Engaging thoughtfully with racist Disney – Eureka Street
Why Arts Funding is More Important Than Ever – Catalogue Magazine
What I’m Reading Meanjin Blog
Behind the Bamboo Screen – Brain Mill Press
Stories we grew up with: The Moon (China) – Djed Press
Cultural appropriation a year after Shriver furoreEureka Street


The Wider Earth – The Saturday Paper
Return to the Dirt – The Saturday Paper
Boy Swallows Universe – The Saturday Paper
Prima Facie – The Saturday Paper

White Pearl – The Saturday Paper
Taming of the Shrew – The Saturday Paper
One Hundred Days (Alice Pung) – Australian Book Review
Our Town – The Saturday Paper
The Holidays The Saturday Paper
Disobedient Daughters – un Projects
Review: David Carlin and Francesca Rendle-Short, eds. The Near and the Far: New Stories from the Asia-Pacific regionSoutherly Journal: 77.2, The Long Apprenticeship
Review: A Greater Music by Bae Suah, translated by Deborah Smith – Structo Magazine
A Response to ‘One the Bear’ Hot Chicks with Big Brains
Will We Be Right?: Melanie Cheng’s Australia Day
Kill Your Darlings
‘How Australian is Australian Enough?’: A Review of Roanna Gonsalves’ The Permanent Resident – The Lifted Brow
Single Asian Female: No Topic is Taboo in Michelle Law’s Impressive Debut – The Guardian


The Land of the New Year – Koru Mag, Issue 2
Storm – Djed Press
Firecracker – Halo Lit Magazine
Azure Rambutan Literary
More Stripped Lit
Summer – Effervescent Magazine
Tremblings – Halcyon
Climbing, Reaching- The Regal Fox
Extinguishing – Miniatures


Aisle 8 (catalogue essay for Chiranjika Gradsby’s exhibition) – Nexus Arts
New Marvels, New Lenses: A Podcast about DOCTOR STRANGE (2016) Podcast with Rachel Merrick, Amelia DiTommaso, hosted by Matthew Finch
Disobedient Daughters (exhibition in 2021 at the Counihan Gallery Melbourne) – participating writer